What are the benefits of Z-Wave?

Z-Wave enables your world to provide home security, energy savings, time savings and options for aging in place.

  • Get started with a controller – door lock – door/window sensor – lights – smoke alarm – flood sensor – siren
  • If your home is Z-Wave enabled you’ll be tapping into an entire universe of products.
  • Capability of expanding your home security system as per your needs, desires, fancies or whims.
  • Capability of linking different products together and set up customizable actions.


For instance, when a motion sensor is activated, it can turn on the TV. The TV turns on a light. The light turns on a security camera. The security camera tells your security system to send a text to your smartphone. You can see for yourself what’s going on, and decide for yourself what needs to happen. Z-Wave makes homes secure everywhere

Save Energy – 100’s of simple ways, controller – lights – ACs – window shades – on/off switches, fans, etc.

  • From lighting, climate, irrigation and shading controls to intelligent outlets and power strips, there are hundreds of simple, interoperable Z-Wave products that let you monitor, control and manage your home energy usage.
  • For example, intelligent dimming (whether you’re home or not) already saves your lighting energy by 25-40%. Truly regulating your home’s thermostat with Z-Wave will save you money right away.
  • You can even set up a “AWAY” mode for your house so when you leave the house you can instantly turn off all those chargers, computers, A/V equipment and more.
  • Z-Wave makes a difference in cost, you and your wallet will feel good about it!


SAVE TIME – Gives that “how did I live without it” feeling.