How does Z-wave works?

On wireless technology by talking to each other on a secure wireless gateway

What products are available?

Largest selection of products for controlling and monitoring your home on the market, most popular being indoor/outdoor lights, thermostats, door locks, security devices like motion detectors, motorized blinds/skylights, home theater systems, and pool/spa controls etc…,

How is Z-Wave powered?

Z-Wave is an efficient, low-energy technology. Many devices work on battery. Others plug into the wall, and there are even Z-Wave controllable AC outlets, which let you make your entire home’s electrical system ‘smart’ and energy-efficient by monitoring and controlling the home’s energy usage.

How many Z-Wave devices can i control?

Z-Wave is ‘scalable’ technology. It can control anywhere from one device all the way up to 232 devices. Capable of building a smart home – one device at a time — adding more products as per your convenience.

Is Z-Wave easy to install?

Some products are easier to install than others. Products like lamp controllers and sensors are simpler than, installing hardware like a new light switch or door lock. 

How far is Z-Wave's range?

Average range between Z-wave products is upto 50m outdoor and 30m indoor.

How difficult is Z-Wave to operate?

If you can operate your smartphone, you can use Z-Wave.  There are loads of apps you can download on your smartphone making it easy to get control features you desire.

Will Z-Wave interfere with my Wi-Fi?

Z-Wave will not interfere with your Wi-Fi network. Z-Wave works on a different frequency, so they do not interfere with Wi-Fi signals.

Will Z-Wave work in large house?

Yes, Z-Wave functions on “mesh network”. One Z-Wave product passes the signal to another.  Every Zwave Controller acts as a repeater which greatly extends the range even in a large house scenario.

How do I get started with Z-Wave?

There are multiple options to start, you can choose various automation packages available or you can customize and choose the products basis your home needs