About Wiyantra

Advantages of choosing Wiyantra’s Solution

Easy installation

Wiyantra solutions can be installed in any wall switch box, behind a light switch, roller blind switch etc…, and we do not touch your existing wiring and switches. Our solutions are retrofit to any location/site.

Simple control mechanism

Capable of controlling LED lighting, Fluorescent lights, Fans, Water Heaters, Air conditioning units, Pumps, TVs, A/V(audio-video)devices and innumerable other light and electronic devices.

Option to re-use and re-install

Wiyantra products do not connect permanently to a building’s infrastructure. So, if you wish to redecorate your apartment, home, villa or office, It’s not a problem. Simply take out any given module from the wall and install it in a new location. Thanks to mesh network, the module will update its location and resume cooperation with remaining components.

Freedom to control and communicate

Wiyantra Solutions are compatible with majority of smart mobile phones as well as wireless; compatible with all IP cameras available on the market – upon detecting an incident, the system will send a picture or a video to your mobile phone. Our system is capable of checking and monitoring status of individual devices and, if necessary, sends feedback to your smart device of an incident. It is the only system on the market which knows an exact position of a pulled-up roller blind or an awning, etc.

Automatic Updates

Battery-powered components will inform you well in advance of the need to change energy source. If you go on holiday and forget to turn the heating off, we will send you a message asking if it should do it for you.

Value for money

Value for money: Wiyantra offers home automation solutions starting at as low as Rs. 7000 with a DIY kit and our Zwave solution starts as low as Rs. 27000/-*

Our Mission

Wiyantra’s Mission is to deliver the best Automation and Security system to help our clients improve their living, while continually innovating, improving the products and services through our client feedback.

Our Vision

Wiyantra’s Vision is to be the automation leader in Existing and New Homes/offices by exceeding the customer expectations providing them the best in class technology solutions for ease, simple, cost effective, secured and intelligent living.


Wiyantra’s Team is highly motivated, hands on experienced team of professionals who are tech savvy enthusiasts passionate for technology. We as a team have bird’s eye view to the Technology innovations coming into the market every day, thoroughly understand the technology we speak, haveability to design a smart solution and execute top class solution to meet our customer needs.

Value Proposition

Wiyantra’s Value Proposition is bring in transparency, demonstrate professionalism, give attention to our customer needs and ensure we have a satisfied happy customer using our solution to transform his intelligent living.


Value Chain

Wiyantra’s Value Chain- We have well established relationships with automation experts who offer product, assistance and support. The companies we partner understand the values by which we operate and adhere to our guidelines and work ethics. We have been building relationship as individuals and freelancers with our partners even before Wiyantra was established.


Wiyantra’s Business is to make your homes intelligent and simplify your living. We aim to bring in secured life using technology at your doors.