Value and Features

Safety and Security

In this fast changing and unpredictable world, it is imperative that you & your family feel safe & can concentrate on other things in life. Wiyantra provides you with the chance to do just that! No more dependence on security guards and other people. Your security is U within your hands and Wiyantra provides you with the relevant tools


You can choose from wide range of products and solutions that suit your taste and budget. No more pesky salespeople or big brand feel selling off-the-shelf which may be irrelevant to your needs. We offer you the chance to choose your own automation needs and customize the way you need, you can start small and expand your automation as your needs change.


With state of art technology, and information at your fingertips, the solution is super quick and super-efficient. Make best use of your Smart phone and life is just a click away! There is potential to save money in every building, with our solutions you can take advantage of this. Our solutions help control functions such as heating and lighting in a efficient way. For Ex- When the Windows/doors are open, the ACs is automatically shut down with a time lag or the lights come up when someone enters the room.

Future Ready

Can be upgraded on the go as and when new products are introduced under this technology.

Modular and Compact

Most Sophisticated, extremely compatible, excellence in design which works with your regular and modular home switches.


Our systems will transform your needs into a self-regulating mechanism, which will facilitate the lives of all members of the family. Thanks to our solution, electrical devise in your homes can communicate, providing you with a wide range of solutions and applications ensuring comfort and security. For E.g. Intelligent Wake up, On return your home welcomes you after a hectic day, On Fire or emergency, your home takes care of you as safety is priority.

Scalable and harmless

Can add up to 232 devices on a single network.(Generally homes need anything between 1-100 devices depending upon your automation needs). The Zwave devices are harmless and the all 232 devices generate lower radiation compared to a single mobile phone radiation. (E.g. The Mobile phone can communicate to a Cellphone tower in and around 2kms while a Zwave Device has low frequency communication upto 10 mts)


The Zwave products are designed to be secure from unauthorized access

Energy Saving

There is a greater demand for need based Electrical installations than ever. The math is simple; more the building is energy efficient is and the more your building technology is in actual use, lower the operating cost it is, the whole point is to save energy.

Our Presence/Occupancy Sensors/Movement Detectors helps to bring in potential savings in homes, office buildings, outdoor areas, and educational institutions.

Our energy savings devices help to control your ACs/Water Heater to your actual needs and it has intelligence to provide you feed. Ex: Turn on your Water Heater 30 mins before your wake up time, schedule to turn off around your morning coffee time. This schedule can be set for all 365 days.

Our energy saving devices has intelligence to send alerts on your consumption through Email/SMS.