Automation Solution

Our Automation Solution includes

Lighting and other Electronic Devices

  • Remotely control the Lights (When you are way from home, Control your home from Abroad or other Area within your city)
  • Dim for ambience/mode setting
  • Schedule your Lights on/off- Alarm/Timer
  • Set Rules(Switch of the lights when the door is closed or turn off all lights by 11pm)
  • Set Scenarios for Party, Movie Watching, Day or Night
  • Weather Alerts:- Turn on the lights and blink when it is raining
  • Get Alerts on your smart devices or email(E.g. If your Child room TV is on during Study time )


  • Turn on Air Conditioners remotely from your Smart Devices(Your Room is cooled by the time you reach home)
  • Control/Set Temperature of your ACs from your Smart Devices remotely
  • Get Alerts(if your ACs are used when you are away from your home)
  • Set Schedules(Water Heater are turned on automatically @6am for 45 mins)


  • Set Rules to your Window Curtains(Open the curtains on Sunrise, Close at Sunset)
  • Set Schedules or link to your Lighting Schedules(Close the Curtains when your Movie scene is On)

Energy Management

  • Sense Outdoor light to turn your lights in the Garden/Compound Area when it gets Dark and Turn off by 11pm or at Sunrise time
  • Turn your lighting needs during predefined times(Turn On the Pooja Room lights in the evening and turn off by a schedule time)
  • Switch off appliances remotely if they are left on by mistake
  • Auto off your lights/fans if there is no motion detected in the Living/Bed room after a predefined time)
  • Turn off unwanted lights when there is a power failure


  • Convert your ordinary TV to Smart TV
  • Stream Video/Photos wirelessly onto your TV from your Smart Devices without connecting wires
  • Stream Audio wirelessly onto your home music system without connecting wires
  • Bluetooth streaming ready(added feature apart from your wireless streaming, helps to stream music from your Friends Smart Devices onto your music system)
  • Use TV as your home controller
  • Gaming on TV- PC Xbox Games accessible through your Large Screen TV, gaming on smart TV with or without consoles)
  • Video Conferencing facility onto your TV(Call your Friends, Relatives instantly without PC from your TV)
  • Sink your Lighting when your Audio/Video devices are On
  • Make your Living Room Lights Dance while you are partying with your Music
  • Media Centre for all your personal files- Videos/Photos/Music
  • One Touch operations to start different electronic devices to play your favorite movie(E.g. Movie Schedule will turn your electronic devices and plays your movie)
  • Wireless Speaker solution for your homes, office, commercial places, play music onto any selected speaker or play the music onto a group of speakers. No need to draw any speaker wire, the entire system is wireless and give you freedom to control your music to your choice.


Sensors/Motion Detectors/Camera/Fire Alerts/Door Lock/Panic Button

  • Sensors detect Door/Window opening & send Email/SMS alerts
  • Executes predefined actions on door open/close
  • Motion Sensors automatically executes predefined action basis movement
  • Camera automatically captures & transmits picture of intruder via Email
  • Pan & Tilt/Fixed Cameras to monitor elderly, kids, household help
  • Night Vision Cameras that can take good pictures even in total darkness
  • Check on your home from anywhere in the world
  • Outdoor Camera for 24*7 Monitoring
  • Detect Smoke and Sense emergency, turn all your electrical systems to off, send alerts via Email/SMS
  • Operate your Alarm Sirens during Emergency
  • Door Locks can be remotely unlocked using Web Browser or Phones(Ex. Allow your child inside your home when you are away) assuring Wireless Door Locks solutions to your expensive doors making it more secure and reliable.
  • Video Door Phone Solutions with two way communication(See and Interact with the person at the Main door before opening)
  • Access your logs to see when & who opened the Door Lock
  • Use Panic Button to create emergency awareness
  • Vibration sensors to alert a false entry to the restricted Area inside your home

Elder Care

  • Send alerts to your dependents/neighbours during Emergency by pressing the Panic Button
  • Set Rules like Turn on Siren or lights during Emergency
  • Can Open the Main Door lock or any predefined action
  • Video Monitoring to confirm the well-being of your elders/Children
  • Caution Alerts if no motion in their room for defined period

Wireless & other Smart Gadget Solutions

  • Print from your Smart Devices
  • Scan to your Smart Devices
  • Take your mobile calls from your Home Cordless Phones and stay away from Cell phone Radiation
  • Use your power line to access your internet
  • Gaming PC solutions with Faster Boot and Data Transfer Access(Boot your PC in 20 secs, transfer 1GB in less than 3secs)
  • Network Associated Storage (NAS) Solutions. Protect your important data like photos forever
  • Bluetooth and Wireless Integration for your Old age Systems to sink with New age devices
  • Smart Phones/Tablets/Monitors Solution for Home Automation needs
  • Wireless Security Cameras with built in recording features.

Smart Protection and Power Back Up Systems

  • Stabilizers which will filter the spikes and surges, this would protect your home equipment and provide standard rating of power supply.
  • Efficient Backup Solutions to uninterruptable power supply depending upon the requirement.